Buy mobile billboards: Factors to consider

Buy mobile billboards, if you’re exploring outdoor advertising options. A van mounted display unit capable of running digital advertisements can take your marketing messages to your targeted audiences. You can take the van to anywhere like close to establishments, public places and busy markets. Another advantage of a moving display is that you can keep actual good in the van and show it to people, who come to the van to inquire about the business.

There are many options like mobile mounted displays that are more affordable and convenient than a car mounted unit. Also you can hire truck mounted displays, if you want to show something big like a real estate project. If you want to cover small area then you should consider hiring a rickshaw that can be paddled to the targeted areas.

Determine your needs like which kind of display you need and the functionality of the unit. If you’re using picture advertisements and only need the display during day time then you don’t need a functional unit. If you have made a digital advertising to promote your business then it is mandatory for you to hire a functional display. Before you buy mobile billboards, explore your options so that you get the best deal.  For more information sell ad space on my blog.


Buy Ad Space Online: Convenience of Online Dealing

Are you looking for a billboard or a storefront to advertise your business? Or it is a car wrap or a bench that you’re interested in hiring for advertising? You could buy ad space online. There are many options to choose from and you could see all the options on the web right on your computer screen. Also you could bid for the billboards or storefronts available for sale and in this way get right advertising space.

You could see the placement of billboards and location of storefronts on the web and also you could find the expected price of an advertising space. You would see the location of billboards on an interactive map. It is like visiting a billboard of a storefront to determine its usability. Also you would get more options like advertising on a blog and a website. With the billboard ad, you would also see link to a website that might be of your use.

You don’t have to give a brokerage or any fee for using this service. You could buy ad space onlinefree; you only pay a commission fee if the ad sells. That’s right, you will only be charged only when you sell your ad and not for making bids or searching options.

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